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Our Community Center Gym is Available For Rentals

We rent out the gym for alcohol free parties, games and/or other events. We have a full weight room for adults, a computer and game room and a basketball court. Available for your events is a face painter, a clean up crew, and more. 


1.       BASIC: GYM ONLY ? 4 hours   (1 hour set up, 2 hours party, 1 hour clean up)  $300

  (6 hours $450, 7 hours $525, 8 hours $600)

2.       BASIC PLUS: Basic Gym-4 hours (see above) & Fun Food Machine rental (s) $300 plus $50 per Fun Food machine rental

3.       FUN PACKAGE 1: Basic Gym-4-hours (see above) & Magician $350 (Magician performs ½ to 1 hour)

4.       FUN PACKAGE 2 Basic Gym-4 hours (see above) & Face Painter $350 (Painting for one hour)

5.       FUN PACKAGE DELUXE: Basic Gym-4 hours (see above) & Magician & Face Painter $400

6.       PREMIUM DELUXE: Basic gym-4 hours (see above), 3 fun food machine rentals, Magician and Face Painter  - Everything! $500 (savings of $50)

Options for fun food rentals include: pop corn machine; snow cone machine, and/or cotton candy machine. 

Face Painter available at other locations: $75 per hour plus travel. 2 hour minimum for face painter unless hired with Magician ? then 1 hour minimum. Magician available for $50 per hour. Magician show ½ hour to 1 hour. Please contact us at (847) 741-3526 for more information. 

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